Viper 10 Athlete Focus: Harry Jones

24th January 2019

Viper 10 Sportswear is extremely lucky to partner with and work alongside a host of truly incredible organisations and human beings. World-class, international athletes like Geva Mentor and Lewis Moody often take centre stage but we’d like to take this opportunity to recognise an up and coming star that Viper 10 is fortunate enough to know and support; Volleyball hotshot and Bournemouth University student, Harry Jones.

Harry has amassed an impressive list of accolades over his relatively short Volleyball career, including winning two U18 British Championships. Outside of the tangible achievements, Harry is a model individual and a joy to be around.

As aforementioned, Harry is a performance athlete and student at Bournemouth University, currently studying a degree in television production and it is probably safe to assume that our partners at SportBU and TeamBU are thrilled that Jones chose to bring his talents to the south coast institution of higher education.

Along with his peers, Harry helped Bournemouth University achieve its highest ever finish in the BUCS rankings (22nd) in 2018. Within this, Volleyball was the leading contributor to the BU cause (with 295 points) and ultimately finished 3rd across all universities in the UK.

Harry has had great success whilst representing TeamBU and had the following to say when we asked him about his favourite moments in the University’s colours;  ‘Wining 2x BUCS championships on the beach have been really special for me; representing the University and seeing that hard work pay off meant a lot, especially retaining our title in 2018’.

Harry began playing Volleyball at his local club at the age of 9 and after a love affair with Martial Arts ended, committed to the sport full time at the age of 14. From there, Harry began training full time with a mind to play both indoor and beach versions of the sport.

Beach Volleyball quickly became Harry’s passion and at the tender age of 15, a dream came true whilst playing at a tournament in Holland, he earned his first international cap and win for England. This first cap would prove to serve as inspiration for Harry as he got a taste for competing on the ultimate stage, driving the youngster to continue driving forward as a junior.

Not long after representing his country for the first time, Harry was winning his first of two U18 British Championships, as well earning the title of Junior Tour Champ in consecutive years and competing in the Junior European Championships.

The move from Junior to Senior classification was not an easy one for Harry and after a number of difficult seasons struggling to make the transition, he achieved a breakthrough during the 2016 season. Whilst competing at the U21 World Championships, Jones and his partner became the first ever English team to make it past the qualifiers and into the competition’s main draw. The success gaveHarry the confidence he needed and led to the qualification to multiple semi finals and finals on the national tour, alongside honourable continued international commitments.

We have no doubt that the future is very bright for Harry and the Viper 10 team would like to wish you the very best moving forwards, it’s genuinely been a pleasure getting to know you and seeing you grow over the years. Bournemouth University and Harry’s next fixture takes place at the end of the month on Wednesday 30th January. For more information on TeamBU‘s upcoming BUCS fixtures, follow this link:

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