Product Technology


V10 CONTOUR is our Tight Fit Rugby Shirt fabric. With it's 4-way stretch properties it sculpts to your body, reducing the opportunity to be tackled via someone grabbing your shirt. The stretchy fabric is engineered to be light, strong and flexible, ensuring ultimate comfort.


V10 ENDURE is the toughest and strongest fabric in the range. It is used for our Semi Fit and Loose Fit Rugby Shirts. Ideal for the more rough and ready player, it is comfortably loose and combines modern technology with a more traditional aesthetic.


At Viper 10 we use a super-soft 340gsm fleece fabric for all our hoodies. This means that they are incredibly thick, heavy weight and higher quality than your average hoody. The Viper 10 team have carried out extensive research into the best hoody fabrics and are now the undisputed King of Hoodies!


Our V10 COMPRESSION fabric is a technical fabric with an extremely soft and silky feel. It fits the body as a second skin, gracefully following every move you make. Used for our baselayers and training leggings, it is also UV protective (UPF 50+) and therefore suitable for any kind of sporting activity, even the most challenging, long-lasting of events.


V10 AIRELITE is our moisture wicking performance fabric. It allows moisture vapour to pass from the inside to the outside of the garment, letting your skin breathe and enhances comfort. V10 AIRELITE is our chosen material for Viper 10 performance, vests and technical shorts.


V10 MICROFIBRE is a very practical fabric, easy to care for and comfortable for travelling in. It is for this reason it is our chosen fabric for our team tracksuits tops and bottoms which can include mesh or fleece lining, zips, pockets and piping giving a very smart overall look.